And.. 8K DONE! :)

I did it! I did it!! Yay 🙂
Well, my first running event participation was a success and I did much better than I had thought before actually running. I completed the 8K in 70 minutes, which is not that great, but still I’m happy with it, considering it was my first time! After the 8K run, I was on top of the world and the husband so proud of me! :P. He completed it in 50 minutes, by the way!
The overall race experience was awesome, with so much energy around! Some 1500 corporate professionals took part in the event and the time limit being 2 hours, I think everyone would’ve completed it. I was super nervous before the run with typical symptoms like feeling the cramps even without running 😛 , constant urge of peeing 😉 , etc. But once it was started, I forgot about all that. I slowed down and started walking within the first 1 Km which was an incline, but I am sure I walked only because of nervousnes. But after that, when I got accustomed to the feeling that I am doing better than many, my confidence boosted and I continued runnning for atleast next 3 Km (slowed down for water stops twice though) The last 2.5 Km was run-walk as I was very tired, but I finished the last 200m with a sprint 😛 So, I am pretty happy with myself, but I am sure that I can do better than this ( I know this is a very usual thing people say 😛 )! Also, I’ve decided to make it a point to run regularly on weekends.
I followed everything, all advices as I didnt want to take any chances of injury. Thanks Sugar for your advice and for being a constant inspiration! 🙂

Here is my photo with the finisher medal 🙂



Mini Marathon? What was I thinking??

Partly excited and partly feeling stupid, I registered for the 8k (5 mile) TCS mini marathon coming up this Sunday, 17 Nov. Having absolutely no background or practice of running so much, I completely give credit/blame this decision to the husband! If I haven’t written before, my husband was an athlete and is still admired for his sprinting. So, when he decided to take part in the race, my decision was made during a single phone conversation with him.
After I registered and paid the money, which happened within an hour, I came to my senses and started feeling really stupid. Before I registered, I had run maximum 1.5 Km at a stretch. After signing up, I thought, 8 Km, really? With only 5 days left for the race? Without going through any training plan of at least 2 weeks prior to the race? Are you crazy??
The husband was too excited about our registration and broadcasted this news through every medium of communication (Facebook, whatsapp group, etc). Now every friend/contact knows! And this being a corporate challenge and me, being only female participant from my entire big company, every team member knows that I am participating! Such a big burden… Now, I have to complete the 8K, come what may! 😛
I had always dreamt of doing a 3K or 5K after reading posts from Sugar and Prachi, but 8K was completely out of question for me! Anyways, I did a 3 Km run yesterday on a treadmill and was pretty comfortable at the end of it. This gave me some confidence. Tomorrow morning (6 am – the time I will be running the mini marathon), I plan to run on the road for at least 2 Km to see how it feels (to avoid the race day surprises 😀 )
Do share any tips for this completely stupid newbie 😀

Time is flying..

10th July was my last post? Really? Time really flies!

Anyways, an update from my side.. I am almost close to my lowest last year.. My scale showed 88.7 Kg today morning.. I was happy seeing that number on the scale after so so long.

Well, I have started strength training recently, and looks like its helping a lot! I was making a terrible of only working out with Cardio activities.

How are you all doing? I really have to update this blog regularly (Don’t know how many times I am going to write this 😀 )

Back! :)

Hello all.. I am back from a beautiful vacation! The London trip was great and we enjoyed thoroughly! Did everything what we had planned.. roamed around, ate like crazy, walked miles and miles and played some outdoor games whenever I was doing nothing of the above 😀 So, overall, the last two weeks were just wonderful!
And the icing on the cake, no weight gain :D. Infact I lost some grams, but everyone around is complimenting that I look a bit thinner. The 1 Kg gain that I was going to be OK with didnt actually happen and that makes me happier!
Now that I am back, lets hope I get back to sane eating quickly!
How are you all? 🙂

One year… already??

Today morning, I thought of doing a quick post about some small updates.. and I saw a small notification from wordpress saying “Happy Anniversary with” and I thought, in total disbelief, one complete year and I am the same how I began!! This sure is sad! Well, then I recalled going through similar thoughts some days back.. Yeah, it was the time when I had to renew my gym membership, with the same thought.. one year already??
Well, to update you all, I bounced back to 93.5 kg almost a month back and I started taking myself seriously in rage. I am in much control now, and my weight currently is 90 kg. It look a lot of efforts, but got a tiny satisfaction of achieving the weight when I drifted off! And I feel, there is no turning back now! My lowest in the last year was 88.4 kg and lets see when I achieve that!

I also hope that I update this blog regularly, this surely helps!!

On other updates, work is just taking a lot of my time in the day, too hectic! By the end of day, I am so tired these days, that I always have a thought of taking a day off the next day. This thought is quickly overridden with the other thought which says, You’ve gotta do it someday, so better do it on time!

And, finally, on a very happy note, I am going on a vacation for 15 days, a much needed one!! We are going to London to visit my sis-in-law and I am too excited for the trip (Who wouldn’t be 😀 )
I know there will be some over-eating being such a big foodie, but I plan to workout there (I hope! :D) Being practical, I am allowing myself maximum 1 Kg gain in 15 days.


Back and guilty!

Hello, people! I hope you all still remember me! But I’ll not blame you or get disappointed if some of you dont :D.. Maine kaam hi kuch aisa kiya hai!!
How can a someone trying to lose weight, inspite of so much inspiration around, still not blog regularly? And to top it, gain weight?? Sigh!!
Yes, you’ve read it right, I’ve not only been MIA from the blog world, but I’ve also gained back the recent kilos lost, though not all of them!
I currently weigh 91Kgs.. (3 kgs more from my lowest, 88Kg).
I have been on and off with the gym.. didnt care much about the food that I was eating. And all this without any reason. So I have nothing at all to justify my deed!
Anyways, whats gone is gone! Lets see if I can succeed this time. I’ll consider this as another fresh start (oh, I’ve had so many of them!)
So, how are you guys doing?


There is a serious problem that I am dealing with these days.. controlling my food cravings!
I really don’t know how I should overcome it! Believe me, I’ve tried almsot all the ways.
My weight has gone back to 91 Kg showing no signs of going down. Yes, I’m gonna resume my activity of updating the weigh ins page frequently!
Dry fruits are somehow helping me control my cravings, and I’m gonna stick to it!
Things avoided today:
Bun Maska
Deep fried Soya sticks
Potato wafers

Hmmm.. not bad I say! 😀

Happy New Year!!

Before I write about my anger on myself, let me wish you all a very Happy new year!! And I truly hope that everyone’s goals are met this year!
Now about my current weight loss status, I have terribly failed at Sugar’s challenge 😥 Instead of 4 Kg weight loss, I have actually gained 1.5 Kg! And I totally blame myself and winter for that 😀
Anyways, jokes apart, I start with being serious from today! Good day so far. I have decided to write down things :
1. that I avoided (and pat myself for that)
2, that I could’ve avoided (yes, a slap for this 😛 )
So, for today,
Avoided: Gulab Jamun (colleague’s tiffin), Dairy Milk chocolate (colleague’s brithday), Imported chocolates (again by another god damn colleague!!  😉 )
Could’ve avoided: Gajar Halwa (sent by a colleague’s wifey) Just had 2-3 small spoons
Weight loss with such colleagues around can be so tough! 😦

Oh, and I had a question to all of you.. Kellogs has come with some some sugar-free muesli.. While comparing the nutritional value with its sugary counterpart, this is what I sawImage

Can you guys suggest, which one is better? One has less sugar, but more fat. The other is just opposite.. This leaves me confused! (I have bought both though! 😀 ) Opinions awaited…

Good luck for the new year!! 🙂


I know, I know! Its been really long since I’ve posted something on this blog.. Initially I was too busy.. and then came weight gain phases 😦

I thought in my mind..”Let me post something when I come back to my original weight” But now, I am tired of waiting. I have to vent out my frustration somewhere!

Well, as you all could guess by now, I have gained weight 😦 😦 I had seen 88.4 Kg and now my weight is 90.5kg! I know I haven’t been very good with working out, but I have eaten in limits, I feel..

I had seen 91.3 Kg a week back, and I had to literally struggle to get to 90s.

The husband sees inch loss in me inspite of all my weight gain though and I want to trust him! But my weighing scales isn’t allowing me to! I had accepted Sugar’s challenge.. And I’m sure, I’m gonna be nowhere near it!

Let me end the post with something happy and inspiring 🙂

Before/After pic 😀


“Before” is almost a year back and “After” is post Diwali

I know its not much of a change, but still.. makes me happy!


I am currently loaded with hell lot of work.. Have too much work in office and then have to help the husband with his part time course project (which is definitely interesting). As every project, the deadline is near and we are not done yet 😀
So this is my typical rountine these days:
Wake up and curse myself for waking up late
Walk to office (which is around 1.5 Km)
Work (read slog)
Get tired
Walk back home
Cook, eat
Start working for the project
Get frustrated
Feel sleepy
Search for resorts for the vacation after project completion 😛
Work some more
And then go back to sleep (late 😦 )

As you can see, there is no GYM or workout here! So, obviously, the weight is constant. Its around 89.5 Kg. It just moves up and down 200-300 gm daily.
I am ok as long as the weight doesn’t shoot up. But I am craving to see the scale going down daily!